2019 - 01. JANUARY (32 tracks)

CherieTREDE 019 From Mambo To Puszta Fox01002'50"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Coconuts (B)SCD 262 Lounge Exotica01302'02"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Dance With MeACPM 020 New Wave00101'54"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Don't Come BackITG 1297 SHOUT! EP00303'21"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Drill Ye Tarriers DrillVT 009 Americana Vol. 101101'21"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Electric NightsBIBTQ 074 Youth In Motion: Electronic Pop00702'01"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
FalterAB-CD 290 Emotional Pop II: Light02103'03"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Fight TogetherJUST 097 La Compilation 400202'56"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Flex The FluxDEM 196 Neon Noir Soundtracks00203'21"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Happy HarryESL 053 Cult Comedy Classics Vol. 100601'52"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Helium ThugFUP 009 EDM Trap Pop00903'04"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Knocking On Your DoorFML VN 002 Psychedelic Pop Vol. 102102'34"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
LandslideIND 038 Post Rock00102'50"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Lost HighwaysMYR 015 Penrose Hill - Stereogram00404'48"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Miami DuskALT 046 Ethereal Electro Pop00802'52"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Mind TwisterSTR 021 Electronic Drama00202'49"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Night MelancholiaGUM 7078 Jazz Cool Vol. 200303'10"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Putting In Work [I'm On A Mission Now]INAMM 010 Premium Bangers00801'52"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Requiem K626, LacrimosaCACL 009 Vocal - Operatic, Sacred & Chamber00903'23"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Romanian NightsLIFT 027 Nightime01002'49"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
SandurCCB 1035 Iceland01202'52"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
So Far So CloseMAG 6027 Jumo - Forms EP00101'14"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Still MotionBSM 020 Fragile World00902'20"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
StrongerAU 024 Documentary: Indie Noir00402'31"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
SundropsIVOX 306 Yesterday00102'22"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Tender Lovin' CareSC 025 Retrospectives Vol. 1 - 50s Rock and Soul01902'56"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
This Beautiful LifeTJ 104 Rise Up00403'29"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Tromboneman Is Fallen In LoveHR 2316 Peter Thomas - Full Speed @ 80 B01203'32"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Une Fille Au PrintempsNTPM 023 Pop Francaise00802'30"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Vince And The CopPED F058 Flixploitation 200900'55"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
Wavelength WizardCAVC 092 Fromage A La Funk - Fromage00502'24"EXPDownloadPRJFAV
What A Circus!CEZ 4078 Little Nothings00903'46"EXPDownloadPRJFAV